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Developer Path

At the heart of what we do is building cool software. We build software for human beings. On this path you'll get the chance to work in near-production code and realize real value for end-users. We plan to have all interns finish a live feature during their tenure.

Skills Developed:
1. Python - Data Science
2. NodeJS
3. Swift - Front End Development

Design Path

What we do is often times difficult to describe and explain. Designers play a special role in our business in helping create an engaging user experience. The software may be great, but great design is what makes it useful.

Skills Developed:
1. Artistic Direction
2. UX/UI Design
3. Clear and Informative Writing

Business Path

As an early stage startup everyone on the team ends up wearing many hats. There are many things to get done and so in this track you'll get to experience what its like to start a company from scratch, but in a safe, educational environment.

Skills Developed:
1. Marketing & Sales
2. Focus on the Customer
3. Entrepreneurship

We now provide programs on a rolling basis so feel free to reach out!

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